PBM Solutions

myMatrixx achieves better outcomes for patients and clients because our organization is built with caring people, superior clinical expertise, innovative technology and actionable business analytics, all focused on workers’ compensation patient advocacy.

Our unique approach to Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM), allows us to customize programs based on the specific needs of each client. Understanding that "one size does not fit all" and "doing the right thing" are two components that drive our day to day business success.

Our PBM programs are focused on  better outcomes for patients and returning them back to work in a clinically appropriate manner. Further,  we drive network penetration and manage drug spend through the following set of solutions:

  • Access to a nationwide network of retail pharmacies
  • Secure claims portal
  • myDataSense business analytics and reporting
  • No-risk first fill program
  • Customizable formularies
  • Combining industry expertise with innovative technology
  • Patient-centric adjudication platform
  • Streamlined prior authorization process
  • Out-of-network bill management
  • Proactive clinical programs to minimize risk
  • Accurate electronic billing
  • Team approach to implementation and program management