Advanced Clinical Analytics


myDataSense® CARE

Transforms clinical analytics into actionable intelligence

Clinical Analytics Results Engine (CARE)

CARE represents an industry leading clinical pharmacy data product that is only one component of the myDataSense® workers' compensation business intelligence program.

myDataSense® CARE achieves superior clinical results through actionable intelligence while bridging the gap between analytics and clinical pharmacy. An innovation that delivers utilization and outcome measurements, CARE is built on a multi-faceted program targeting wide array of clinical utilization patterns throughout the lifecycle of a claim.

Clinical Utilization Patterns

An Advanced Data Tool to Measure and Manage Patient Pharmacotherapy Risk

Through myDataSense® CARE Analytics and CARE Scores, our clients achieve an elevated understanding of a patient's overall drug utilization as well as curated pharmacotherapy risk scores.

Fully Customizable Interactive Dashboards

myDataSense® CARE is delivered through a series of interactive dashboards providing insights into utilization trends as well as current and predicted patient pharmacotherapy.