myMatrixx myPassport®

The next generation of pharmacy benefits claims management software

myPassport® is a pharmacy benefits management (PBM) tool built from the ground up to scale to the ever-growing needs of a wide range of clients and users. We focused on creating a fully integrated and highly responsive patient-centric design with automation as a main goal. Our comprehensive workers' compensation claims software leverages expert feedback on legacy systems to offer the features claims representatives need to better serve patients, including:

  • A user-friendly and intuitive framework with easy-to-use authorization functionality
  • Personal support to reach anyone at any time with any question
  • Claims management efficiency and automation to streamline your workflow
  • Search tools for easier access to the information you need
  • Proactive clinical messaging and integrated data to measure and improve performance


Patient Focused for High-Touch Customer Experience

We’re proud to set the standard in delivering the best client and customer service in the industry. myPassport® combines signature myMatrixx customer experience with features that are laser-focused on patient needs.


Clinical Messaging Support

Claims representatives need to communicate with patients and physicians on an informed basis. myMatrixx's advanced workers' compensation claims management software has a built-in knowledge base to help users instantly understand the purpose of a drug or prescription.


Increased Focus on Protecting Patient Data

In the modern world, protected health information is at a greater risk than ever for cyber attacks. myPassport® was designed with integrated security features to keep patient data air tight.


Critical Patient Pharmacy Data All in One Place

Exceptional customer care requires representatives who have instant access to all the information they need. With a patient- centric interface, you won’t have to waste valuable time hunting for information.


Responsive Cross-Platform Design

To better meet the needs of a more mobile and collaborative workforce, myPassport® is also fully functional on any size device, from a desktop computer to a mobile phone.