About Us

Predictable pharmacy benefits management for the health of your workforce

MyMatrixx by Evernorth is a unique PBM with an exclusive focus on workers’ compensation cases. We combine high touch customer service with clinical expertise and state-of-the-art business intelligence systems to deliver simplified solutions and positive outcomes. As part of our parent company Evernorth, MyMatrixx leverages the robust pharmacy network of an industry leader, while still providing a smooth and personalized experience for clients and injured workers.


Focused clinical expertise: We study the industry, dig deep into medical and disability research and translate that into actionable, practical intelligence that prioritizes patient safety. Each time we interact with a patient, client or community, we seek to educate.


Simplified customer experience: High touch, personalized benefit solutions designed by sales, service and clinical support teams who understand and contemplate the complexities of our clients’ culture and business environments.


Predictability through scale: The synergies of Evernorth and myMatrixx provides our clients access to big data while assuring security, a dynamic infrastructure, continuous innovation, wide distribution channels and unprecedented buying power.

MyMatrixx by Evernorth is committed to simple, predictable and affordable pharmacy benefits management: we put together the pieces of clinical support, high-touch service and actionable data to help you achieve your claims management goals.

MyMatrixx by Evernorth Workers' Compensation

Our mission

  • Make a complicated claims environment simpler

  • Protect patient health and customer resources

  • Use predictive data and clinical insight to deliver best outcomes

  • Take care of our people so that they can take care of our clients

MyMatrixx by Evernorth, offers best-in-class pharmacy services for workers’ compensation programs that include: formulary and network management, utilization management, claims processing, home delivery and specialty pharmacy care and physician outreach programs. Working with the financial and risk management leaders of organizations, MyMatrixx helps reduce the pharmacy cost associated with injured workers through innovative programs, business analytics and robust clinical protocols and expertise.

Founded in 2001, MyMatrixx began as a pharmacy benefit manager with Amerisys as our first and longest standing client. Today, we are proud to state that our portfolio of clients affords us the opportunity to process thousands of prescriptions on a daily basis, serving patients across the entire United States.

Customer service is our specialty.
We're listening. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

It's who we are.