Our innovative data modeling matches high-risk patients with more effective clinical interventions

With 95% of the world’s data created in the last three years, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in data. But all of this raw information has the power to streamline your workers’ compensation pharmacy program.

Smarter data analysis combined with focused clinical interventions drive better outcomes for your claims strategy. How? We use data to identify the patients in need of advanced interventions so our experienced clinical team can deliver the help they need.

What data-backed innovation looks like in workers’ compensation pharmacy

  • Intuitive data visualization — Your brain processes information visually, so our reporting makes your complex data clear, understandable and actionable.
  • Advanced risk scoring — Identifies at-risk patients for higher utilization and longer claims.
  • Focused clinical interventions — Ensures effective therapy and contains cost to deliver the best possible outcomes for injured workers.
  • Predictive modeling and AI — As this technology continues to develop, it offers the possibility to learn from growing data libraries to increase efficiency in future solutions.

myDataSense and CARE — Innovative, actionable data solutions from myMatrixx

myMatrixx has been leading the way for more than a decade by turning the latest advances in data analysis into actionable improvements to your workers’ compensation program.

Our advanced business intelligence program — myDataSense — is built from the ground up to put your data to work for you with clarity. And it’s all powered by the CARE: Clinical Analytics and Results Engine. Now in version 3.0, CARE leverages more than 30 critical pharmacy utilization patterns throughout the claim lifecycle to accurately assign risk scoring to patients, so we deliver the interventions that achieve better outcomes and lower costs.

myMatrixx 2021 Innovation Theater Presentation

Download a copy of Cliff Belliveau's National Comp Innovation Theater presentation "Measuring & Predicting the Impact of Pharmacy Clinical Interventions."

Cliff Belliveau NWCDC 2021

Cliff Belliveau
Vice President, Business Intelligence


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