myMatrixx myDataSense℠

Delivering powerful data products with high customization, agility and data integrity

Curated Program Analytics

With myMatrixx myDataSense℠, you will receive actionable insights based on pharmacy trends that you can use to help you make educated, effective decisions for comprehensive medication management.

myDataSense Client and Authorization Analytics Dashboards, powered by Tableau, are built from a proprietary data warehouse and can be customized for the specific needs of a client. In addition, our clients can choose the way they receive actionable information:

  • Standard and customized reports
  • Advanced analytics solutions
  • Automated client data integration

Advanced Clinical Analytics

myDataSense CARE (Clinical Analytics Results Engine) is a workers' compensation software fusion of clinical and business Analytics. The extensible platform delivers advanced clinical analytics, safety risk scoring, alerts and predictive analytics and is fully configurable to meet your data requirements.

Best of all, CARE helps our clients identify patients in need of clinical interventions, recognizing and measuring diverse pharmacy utilization patterns for each patient and analyzing and measuring pharmacy utilization patterns before and after clinical interventions while providing trended patient health safety scores.

CARE uses the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, to predict future utilization, which is provided to you through an estimated CARE Score.

Consultative Practice

myDataSense consulting is the only partner you need for data research, analysis and results. The myDataSense team works closely with clients to correlate and analyze data from multiple sources such as third party, industry, PBM and client to provide insights and impactful visual analytics. The result is a powerful tool that provides insights adding value to program performance measurement, published research and industry thought leadership.