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MyMatrixx Statehouse Watch

Welcome to the new MyMatrixx Statehouse Watch. Here, we will be featuring current policy developments in workers’ compensation impacting pharmacy in states across the country. Since workers’ compensation is heavily regulated by the individual states, MyMatrixx has been active in this process since we were first established. We will be sharing regular new policy updates, workers' compensation laws and and insights during the year with our interactive map and commentary on items of interest impacting the workers' compensation industry. To the extent workers' compensation is within the scope of any of these state laws, changes could be required to plan design and/or management.

Explained — what is the difference between regulation and legislation?

Learning the difference between these two distinct government actions is essential to understanding the process and meaning of the complex world of insurance services and benefits. This knowledge can help leaders better provide insight and guidance to their companies and clients regarding changes in state law and regulations.

Policy Updates

New York Notice

March 2021: For the latest updates on the New York Workers’ Compensation OnBoard modernization, please click on the link below.

OnBoard: Building A New Web-Based Claims System (