Advanced Clinical Analytics

myMatrixx myDataSense℠ CARE

Transforms clinical analytics into actionable intelligence

Clinical Analytics Results Engine (CARE)SM

CARESM represents an industry leading clinical pharmacy data software product that is only one component of the myDataSense workers' compensation business intelligence program.

myDataSense CARESM achieves superior clinical results through actionable intelligence while bridging the gap between analytics and clinical pharmacy. An innovation that delivers utilization and outcome measurements, CARESM is built on a multi-faceted program targeting wide array of clinical utilization patterns throughout the lifecycle of a claim.

CARE Product Portfolio

  • CARE Analytics: Measured pharmacy utilization across all criteria and patients. Monitors therapy patterns and reduces the time spent analyzing detailed prescription data.
  • CARE Scores: Proprietary health risk scores computed for each patient monthly based on measured pharmacy utilization across all CARE criteria. Identifies candidates for clinical intervention.
  • CARE Threshold Alerts: New for version 3.0, a fully customizable communication triggered by up to 30 CARE criteria at the patient level. Used to initiate clinical interventions.
  • CARE Measured Impacts: This new feature demonstrates changes in spend, targeted utilization and adjusted CARE scores after interventions

Advanced Data Software Tool to Measure and Manage Patient Pharmacotherapy Risk

Through myDataSense CARE Analytics and CARE Scores, our clients achieve an elevated understanding of a patient's overall drug utilization as well as curated pharmacotherapy risk scores.

Fully Customizable Interactive Dashboards

myDataSense CARESM is delivered through a series of interactive dashboards providing insights into utilization trends as well as current and predicted patient pharmacotherapy.

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