Phil Walls Talks Opioid Alternatives For NWCDC Digital Sessions Series

Posted on by myMatrixx

As the workers’ comp and pharmaceuticals industries continue to make progress in the fight against opioid misuse, it’s important to remain vigilant around new pain treatments that are filling this vacuum. To address this, myMatrixx Chief Clinical Officer, Phil Walls, and the Hartford’s Chief Medical Officer, Adam L. Seidner, recently held a live webinar for the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference (NWCDC) and their ongoing Digital Sessions Series. In “What’s a Doctor to Do: Alternatives to Opioids in the Management of Pain”, the two experts explored the concept of pharmacovigilance and how to properly use pharmaceutical data to minimize risk in drug therapy.

During the one-hour panel, held Wednesday, January 28th, Walls and Dr. Seidner gave an overview on the latest trends in opioid use and related practical information to prescribers regarding both pharmacological and nonpharmacological alternatives. The takeaway: doctors need to carefully weigh the risks and benefits of any form of therapy to ensure it safely addresses individual patient needs. Proper management will always require the right combination of clinical expertise and data analysis that prioritizes patient safety and clinical outcomes.

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