New 'Facetime with Phil' Video Series talks MyRXAdvocate and Pharmacovigilance

Posted on by myMatrixx
FaceTime with Phil Open - 1

With the launch of myRXAdvocate, we’re excited to provide our most extensive set of tools yet to help our partners ensure positive patient outcomes and reduce treatment costs. To highlight the benefits of this program and provide a deeper understanding of the principle of pharmacovigilance that it’s built on, our Chief Clinical Officer Phil Walls recently sat down to record another video blog series.

In this latest installment of Facetime with Phil, he introduces myRXAdvocate as the continuation of our efforts to innovate in the clinical therapy management space. Much like how a credit card company will alert customers to potentially suspicious purchases, a PBM should be able to provide proactive messaging regarding higher-risk patients. Throughout the four-part series, Phil discusses the origin of pharmacovigilance and illustrates how it can help our partners provide safer and more cost-effective alternatives to drug therapies such as opioids. You can watch the videos here.

New Facetime with Phil video installments will be released in 2020.