DISCOVER OUR 2023 DEMYSTIFYING DRUG PRICING SERIES (PART TWO): Examining the Impact of Opioids on Drug Spend

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This year at myMatrixx, we’re spotlighting aspects of workers’ compensation pharmacy benefits that significantly impact pricing and spending but don’t always receive the attention they deserve. With drug prices continuing to receive scrutiny across our industry and health care at large, it’s important to isolate and clarify these cost drivers so they can be better understood, and so claims professionals and payers can respond to them appropriately.

In part one of this series, we explored the traditional drug market, analyzed inflation's influence on pricing, compared drug segments, and shared cost-saving strategies.

Explore part two of our 2023 Demystifying Drug Pricing white paper series focused on opioids - a subcategory of traditional drugs that receives considerable attention for clinical and safety reasons, despite major strides in the past decade, but also continues to be a major spending risk.

Key Report Highlights

  • Overall decline in opioid use and spend since 2016
  • Cost drivers including patent extensions
  • Expert tips to develop an effective opioid management strategy

Stay tuned for more of this year’s white paper series that will feature how to properly manage biosimilars and specialty drugs, and physician dispensing and drug compounds patient safety risks.