Explore the 2023 Demystifying Drug Pricing Series (Part One): A Closer Look at the Traditional Prescription Drug Market

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Workers Comp Pharmacy Pharmacist

Get access to the first report of our new 2023 Demystifying Drug Pricing white paper series to get a behind-the-scenes look at the traditional prescription drug market and learn how to adopt effective cost-reduction strategies to enhance your workers' compensation program.

Key Report Highlights

  • Impact of inflation on drug pricing trending lower than the consumer index
  • Drug segmentation comparisons by volume and price
  • Cost reduction strategies (generic substitution, pharmacy network penetration, home delivery pharmacy utilization and more)

Stay tuned for more of this year’s white paper series that will feature opioid usage and alternative drug treatments for cost savings, how to properly manage biosimilars and specialty drugs, and physician dispensing and drug compounds patient safety risks.