Cliff Belliveau and Phil Walls Featured in R&I Insights Email

Posted on by myMatrixx

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have an impact on workers’ compensation pharmacy for the foreseeable future. Recently, myMatrixx Vice President of Business Intelligence, Cliff Belliveau, joined Chief Clinical Officer, Phil Walls, to discuss this new landscape for industry publication Risk & Insurance’s Insights feature. The two experts discussed the necessity of close collaboration between clinical pharmacy and data personnel in responding to unforeseen effects of the post-pandemic environment.

A primary topic was the importance of access to clinical data for pharmacists, who often have to piece together why a new drug is seeing an increase in utilization or being used a certain way. For example, when myMatrixx clinical pharmacists began to see an uptick in anticoagulant usage, deep analysis of injured worker data showed that this uptick was associated with work-related COVID-19 cases. As myMatrixx works to develop effective formularies that help deliver positive claims outcomes in 2021, this type of collaboration and analysis will be essential.