One Drug Review


A One Drug Review is a fast and simple way to reduce costs in a claim while maintaining the best care for the injured worker. In a One Drug Review, a clinical pharmacist focuses on one drug in a patient's treatment plan to determine if a more cost effective alternative is available. This may include a lower priced equivalent drug or a change in the dose. Our team will make a recommendation for the best course of action and then consult with the prescriber to implement the change in therapy.

Our clinical team will review the drug in question and look for savings opportunities such as:

  • A lower priced medication is available.
  • A change in the dose will reduce costs.
  • A drug is no longer required and can be discontinued.
  • A compound has been prescribed and a lower priced alternative is available.

By making a slight modification to one drug, a substantial savings can be achieved while providing the same level of quality care.