Why Supporting Kids’ Chance of America Matters

Posted on by myMatrixx

myMatrixx President Mike Cirillo was recently featured in Risk & Insurance discussing why Kids’ Chance of America (KCOA) is such a vital organization for workers’ compensation. KCOA is a nonprofit group that awards scholarships to the children of workers’ who are critically or fatally injured on the job. For Cirillo, supporting KCOA represents myMatrixx’s overriding and most important mission of helping people. Throughout the piece, he not only highlights the work that myMatrixx does as a company to support Kids’ Chance, but also his personal experiences and the fulfillment that this work has brought him as a leader.

Cirillo serves as a member of the national fundraising committee and the advisory board for KCOA, helping to make a national impact on the lives of deserving children. He also spoke about how myMatrixx supports the work of this important initiative, including by promoting Kids’ Chance Awareness Week and observing Workers’ Memorial Day. He pointed to the myMatrixx Kids’ Chance landing page as a great resource and hub for the latest updates in any KCOA endeavors.

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