Speaking Proposals from myMatrixx Accepted for RIMS Educational Program

Posted on by myMatrixx

Recently, the myMatrixx team submitted presentation proposals for a new professional education program announced by RIMS, the risk management society. The Professional Exchange of Risk Knowledge, or PERK, program is offered at no cost to RIMS chapters to provide informative and educational programming for chapter events. We’re excited to announce that two of our proposals were accepted and will be available to chapter leaders who would like to apply for them.

The two sessions are “Medical Marijuana’s impact on Work Comp” and “Preparing for the Aging American Workforce in Workers’ Compensation,” with both being available to all chapters in Canada and the contiguous United States. We are very excited about the visibility this gives myMatrixx and we’d like to congratulate Clinical Account Executive, Shanea McKinney for working on these proposals and having them accepted. As the program continues to grow, we will be planning to have additional entries submitted next year and beyond.

You can learn more about the program and other RIMS chapter resources here.