Phil Walls Quoted in Article on Keeping Legacy Claim Costs Down

Posted on by myMatrixx
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Industry news website shared some key insights from Phil Walls, myMatrixx’s Chief Clinical Officer, after a recent webinar on legacy claims. The webinar, entitled “A Prescription for Settling Legacy Claims” features both Walls and Dan Anders, Esq., Chief Compliance Officer for Tower MSA Partners. The two experts spoke on how a PBM can work together with a Medicare set-aside (MSA) company to settle potentially costly legacy workers’ compensation claims.

In the article, which you can read here, Walls stresses how costs tend to rise as claims age. While pharmaceutical costs in particular can be especially high for legacy claims, there are several ways to lower them, including by using generics whenever possible and avoiding so-called “prescription cascades.” In terms of settling these old claims, Walls says it is important to take a balanced approach to ensure that injured workers get the therapy they need while avoiding unnecessary prescriptions.

A copy of the presentation slides can be accessed here.

If you were unable to attend the webinar, you can find a recording of the presentation here.