myMatrixx Releases New Report on the Impact of an Aging Workforce

Posted on by myMatrixx
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With an aging population that is increasingly choosing to stay in the workforce past the standard retirement age, new issues are emerging in the field of workers’ compensation and workplace medical management. In light of these trends, myMatrixx has published a report on this topic, titled “Preparing for the Boom: Is your Medical Management Program Primed for America’s Aging Workforce?” The white paper takes a close look at the demographic and social factors underlying America’s aging workforce, their unique health needs and how it affects workplace injury rates and management costs.

While the study highlights that workplace injuries are less frequent among older workers, when they do occur they have the potential to be more dangerous and costly. To mitigate these risks, employers and their medical management partners need to have the correct guidelines in place. Specific recommendations include injury prevention measures and alternative treatment modalities that compensate for age-related contraindications.

To learn more, you can read the full report here.