myMatrixx Releases New Electronic Prescribing in Workers' Compensation Trend White Paper

Posted on by myMatrixx

Electronic prescribing, or e-prescribing, is a core pillar of health information technology that promises to deliver higher quality and more efficient care coordination while lowering costs for payers. Working in conjunction with electronic health records (EHR,) e-prescribing systems instantly transmit prescriptions directly from the point of prescribing to the pharmacy for dispensing.

At a fundamental level, e-prescribing creates a number of efficiencies for patients, clinicians, pharmacies, and payers alike. Transmitting the prescription instantly to the pharmacist has the potential to save time by ensuring accuracy and increasing safety by reducing errors that can result from legibility and transcription issues on paper prescriptions. Instead of being an advancement that is just around the corner, e-prescribing has now become the primary method of facilitating retail drug therapy (together with telehealth and home delivery), at least in group health.

Read myMatrixx's new white paper to learn about the latest e-prescribing trends, benefits it provides to the industry, potential adoption barriers and what innovation could look like for e-prescribing in the future.