COVID-19 Pandemic Parallels: myMatrixx & Publix Present at WCI Virtual Fall Webinar

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The Intersection of Severe Injuries and the Pandemic Presented by myMatrixx

As part of the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s WCI Virtual Reboot: Fall Webinar, myMatrixx, a Gold Sponsor, presented a new panel on the increasing use of psychotropic drugs among injured workers. In the session, “The Intersection of Severe Injuries and the Pandemic: Parallels Between Isolation and Psychotropic Drug Use,” Chief Clinical Officer, Phil Walls, was joined by Niki Moore, Team Leader for Nurse Case Management at Publix. The two experts covered the similar conditions faced by injured workers and people quarantined during the pandemic, how that contributes to rising psychotropic drug use, and the importance of early behavioral health intervention in workers’ comp cases.

Afterwards, myMatrixx Chief Sales Officer, David Dubrof, provided additional insights into the topic and the mutually beneficial partnership myMatrixx shares with Publix. Both panelists also rejoined the session to take questions from the live virtual audience.

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