myMatrixx Leadership Quoted in Risk & Insurance Article on Concierge Health

Posted on by myMatrixx
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With the concept of on-demand medicine becoming more common in health care, a new piece in Risk & Insurance Magazine discusses what this could mean for the workers’ compensation industry. The article, entitled “Is Concierge Service a Realistic ‘Next Step’ for the Worker Advocacy Movement?” features quotes from myMatrixx Senior Vice President of Operations Viviana Brantley as well as Vice President of Contact Centers Chris Peavler. The two leaders shared their insights on how the concept of concierge health should apply to workers’ comp, and how to ensure exceptional patient outcomes.

For Viviana, any concierge health model for workers’ compensation should be built around putting patients first and focusing on holistic outcomes. She says that in many cases this could cause the traditional role of a claims manager to become closer to a health care manager. For Chris, concierge advocacy means taking the time to listen to the unique situation and act on behalf of the injured worker. You can take a look at the full article on the Risk & Insurance Website here.