myMatrixx Leaders Discuss Price Transparency in Interview with Risk & Insurance Magazine

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Price Transparency

During this year’s National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, myMatrixx President, Mike Cirillo, Chief Clinical Officer, Phil Walls, and Chief Information Officer, Michael Geis, sat down for an interview regarding one of the most important topics currently facing the industry — price transparency. While the idea that patients should receive clear information about their treatment options has been a hot-button issue in health care for some time, the leaders spoke about the ways it was new to the worker’s comp space and some best practices that can and should be implemented.

Topics covered during the discussion include insights on the important distinction between price and cost, risk and reward in transparency, adopting a cooperative attitude between all stakeholders and finally, the crucial role that education and adoption plays in achieving successful outcomes. The full interview is available to read here.