myMatrixx Featured In Risk & Insurance Insights Email On 2021 Trends

Posted on by myMatrixx

As the workers’ compensation industry moves into a new year, many of the major topics that will drive the field in 2021 are starting to come into focus. myMatrixx was recently featured in the Insights Newsletter, a regular feature published by Risk & Insurance, to discuss what we’ve identified as the important trends for workers’ comp PBMs. In the piece, Chief Clinical Officer Phil Walls shared his insights and predictions on everything from the COVID-19 vaccine to increasing specialty drug utilization.

According to Walls, PBMs will need to follow the continuing evolution of the pandemic and its effect on the workforce and workers’ compensation laws while also keeping an eye on pre-existing trends such as opioid misuse and specialty drug costs. Another important trend in workers’ comp is behavioral health care, which there is growing evidence to show has a stronger impact on workplace injuries and chronic pain than previously understood. As the myMatrixx Clinical Team finalizes the 2020 Drug Trend Report, Walls emphasizes that these and other key issues will continue to be explored in depth.