Helping Heroes Fight Cancer

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Firefighters on scene fighting fire

The importance of monitoring cancer presumption and managing treatment costs

It takes a special kind of person to be a firefighter. Someone who runs towards the danger and puts themselves at risk to save or protect others or others' possessions. With these courageous acts, firefighters are often exposed to hazardous chemicals and particles that can lead them to occupational diseases, illnesses, and cancer. With cancer comes the cost of treatment.

Today, presumptive cancer legislation across the country helps establish that certain cancers contracted by firefighters are the result of duty-related exposure, thus giving them access to their workers' compensation benefits. This means access to care for the firefighter and higher costs for the payer.

Read more to learn why it's important to have a PBM partner - like MyMatrixx by Evernorth - to monitor the growing trend of presumptions and their impact both legislatively and clinically. A strong PBM will stay ahead of presumption legislative activities and help a payer manage the resulting medications so both the injured worker and the payer benefit.