The Future of Pharmacy Solutions and The Impacts on Workers’ Compensation

Posted on by myMatrixx

Phil Walls, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to take on an expanding role in the development of breakthrough medication, pharmacy solutions organizations will be just as essential in ensuring their successful delivery. Published in partnership with myMatrixx parent company, Cigna, we discuss the critical work these entities, which include PBMs, need to do to deliver therapies to the correct patients, at the right time, in the appropriate setting and at affordable costs.

In an opening letter for the report, myMatrixx Chief Clinical Officer, Phil Walls, covers this topic from a workers’ compensation perspective. In particular, Walls shares how much an aging population with a growing list of comorbidities is affecting the cost and safe delivery of drug therapy for injured workers. Additionally, he also emphasizes the ongoing role of generic substitution as well as the emerging importance of biosimilars for specialty medications in driving affordable solutions for payers and patients alike.

For more details on how pharmacy solutions organizations make a difference in driving affordability and efficacy in pharmacy treatment for injured workers and general health care alike, click the link below to read the full white paper.