Five Ways myMatrixx Delivers Exceptional Customer Service

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In today’s workers’ compensation claims environment, competition is tighter than ever — particularly in the PBM space. In the race to find operational efficiency, there has been substantial investment in technology, including artificial intelligence, decision support intelligence, process automation, and interactive menus. These developments have tremendous upside for streamlining the claims management process and assisting an often overburdened workforce, but they can also make it harder to reach an actual person.

While technological innovation is critical to the evolution of our industry, it also brings into relief just how important the human element is for positive outcomes in workers’ comp pharmacy. Clients have told us time and again they want to reach out and speak to someone with a warm voice who can explain what is going on and provide reassurance that a given issue will be taken care of. They don’t just want to talk to a machine and hope for the best.

This is why myMatrixx continues to invest in human-focused customer service just as heavily as we do in technology. We are committed to keeping people at the center of the equation while basing our decisions squarely on client feedback.

Basing our customer service model on this simple idea has shined through in our results. In fact, myMatrixx has been ranked number one in customer service and customer satisfaction for multiple years in a row according to the annual CompPharma Workers’ Compensation Survey Report. We have been able to achieve these superior results consistently through the following set of human-focused principles.

1. 100% In-House, Round-the-Clock, Omnichannel Customer Support

When considering a new PBM, one of the first questions you should ask is if they operate their own contact center. Many PBMs in the field today do not. Instead, business process outsourcing (BPO) has become increasingly standard in claims management customer service, with communications being answered by a third party, who then fills out a form and submits the query to the PBM.

When you reach out to us, you're going to get us. It doesn't matter the time of day, day of the week, or if it’s a holiday, you're going to reach a myMatrixx employee with the resources to answer your question or address your concern. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We do not use any sort of after hours answering service, or a BPO partner of any kind.

myMatrixx customer service extends beyond phone calls too. Our omnichannel support means multiple options for reaching a person, including live chat, interactive memos, and email. This gives clients the ability to reach out in their preferred manner with industry-leading response times.

2. A User-Friendly Claims Portal, Built from the Ground Up on Direct Client Feedback

State-of-the-art technology is absolutely critical to excellent customer service, but it only works when it is actually solving real problems and enabling better interaction between people. The latest software and the most advanced systems won’t improve your customer experience if the people trying to help you don’t know or understand your needs. And when it comes to claims portals, too many users in our industry don’t feel like their needs are being met.

When myMatrixx designed and built our myPassport claims portal, we based it purely on client feedback. We went out and asked clients, particularly claims professionals, what their top priorities and biggest obstacles in the process were. And the answer was they wanted an intuitive, user-friendly interface, easy access to essential data, and frictionless authorizations.

myMatrixx Customer Service myPassport

On top of that, the technology and interface we provide to our clients is exactly the same we use internally. This means that both parties see the same information at the same time, for a coherent and consistent interaction.

Blending technology with the human element means advanced automation for smoother decision-making and authorizations combined with the ability to instantly reach a person with the knowledge and resources when there is a question or concern. Our investment in technology is always rooted in people, and we’re continually improving myPassport based on feedback and the shifting needs of a rapidly changing marketplace.

3. Hiring the Best People and Providing a Supportive Culture

Whether it’s a clinical pharmacist, account manager, or customer service representative, myMatrixx is committed to hiring the best people. When it comes to the people who directly support our clients, we look for outstanding communication skills, problem solving abilities, and a strong desire to help others in addition to industry experience.

Once we hire those people, we provide rigorous onboarding and training before placing them in an environment and culture of continuous learning and support. myMatrixx customer service representatives receive constant industry updates and client requirements in addition to receiving the latest tools and information to provide outstanding service.

The myMatrixx customer service culture is also built on creating a workplace that minimizes turnover and maximizes stability and tenure. Many of the people in our contact centers have been in their roles for more than a decade, building knowledge and experience while providing service day-in and day-out. This level of consistency shows to our clients, who benefit from talking to knowledgeable, highly skilled people who enjoy and take pride in what they are doing.

4. Commitment to the Highest Levels of Quality Assurance

While building the best systems with the best people are the foundations of quality, ensuring it also means having a framework for improvement in place. myMatrixx is constantly monitoring our customer support for the highest levels of customer service.

We review phone calls, chats, and any interactions on a monthly basis to make sure that we are doing what we say we are doing. Did our representative provide the correct information? Did this person provide timely responses? Above all, we want to know that the person who made the inquiry was satisfied with the interaction.

Best Ranked Workers' Comp Customer Service

Constant feedback means constant improvement, and ultimately it leads to pride and enjoyment from delivering quality service. When quality assurance is part of the work environment, it becomes second nature. This is why year after year, myMatrixx continues to have the highest rated customer satisfaction in workers’ compensation.

5. Service Backed by In-House Clinical Expertise

In the current PBM landscape, the battle for margins and pricing too often puts not just customer service in the backseat, but also clinical support. In the same way that contact centers are outsourced, many competitors also do not provide in-house clinical pharmacy support. This results in delayed prior authorizations requests, potential drug safety issues, and increased risk for misuse.

With our laser-focus on workers’ compensation pharmacy, myMatrixx has decades of clinical pharmacy expertise and a deep understanding of the biggest issues and risks that injured workers face. With in-house customer service and in-house clinical support, we can directly connect clients to an experienced clinician with answers to questions about the safety, effectiveness, and cost of a drug.

Because we are backed by the network power and resources of Cigna and Evernorth, myMatrixx is also able to deliver the best of both worlds for value and customer experience. We offer our clients direct access to the largest retail pharmacy network, the deepest investment in technology and security, and unmatched expertise and experience in workers’ compensation clinical pharmacy. And with our unparalleled emphasis on customer service, we truly believe that people make the difference.