Dr. Michael Nguyen Quoted in Risk & Insurance on the Importance of Biopsychosocial Care

Posted on by myMatrixx

The biopsychosocial model is an approach in medicine that aims to address the important links between biology, psychology and socio-environmental factors that affect patients throughout the care process. In a recent article for Risk & Insurance Magazine, myMatrixx Director of Clinical Pharmacy, Dr. Michael Nguyen, shared his thoughts about the positive impact this model can have on workers’ compensation cases. Dr. Nguyen believes that by using data analytics to flag at-risk patients, there can be a positive impact on return-to-work, overall cost and patient outcomes.

The article discusses new tools currently being developed by myMatrixx that use existing claims data to identify injured workers who are most at risk for a delayed recovery due to psychological and socio-economic factors. Dr Nguyen further elaborated that these tools can help patients get the specific care they need that promotes a holistic recovery. To learn more about this exciting new approach, you can read the full article here.