Dr. Michael Nguyen Discusses Early Behavioral Health Engagement On WorkersCompensation.com

Posted on by myMatrixx

myMatrixx Director of Clinical Pharmacy, Michael Nguyen PharmD, has a new article on WorkersCompensation.com’s regular Expert’s View feature discussing the importance of early engagement in behavioral health for injured workers. In the piece, “Why myMatrixx Believes Early Engagement in Behavioral Health Leads to Better Workers’ Comp Outcomes,” Dr. Nguyen shares evidence from recent studies on the close relationship between chronic pain and mental health issues. Not only do injured workers with chronic pain have a much higher risk of developing mental health issues, but patients with mental health concerns also have a higher risk of injuries turning into long-term chronic pain cases that can last for years or even decades.

By taking a proactive approach to behavioral health early in claims, injured workers can develop strategies to better manage conditions such as isolation, lack of productive activity and the potential to become dependent on drugs that many people face after suffering from a workplace injury. Throughout, Dr. Nguyen explains that by adopting a comprehensive behavioral health approach, the workers’ compensation industry can improve outcomes and reduce costs for these types of cases.

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