2020 Updates for Drug Reference Guides

Posted on by myMatrixx
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Our “Workers’ Compensation Pharmaceuticals: Prior Authorization and High Dollar Rejections Guide” and our “Brand to Generic Reference Guide: Workers’ Compensation Pharmaceuticals” are two of the most widely used reference materials at myMatrixx. Due to the constantly changing nature of the pharmaceuticals industry, it’s important to keep these guides updated regularly. Our team has recently released 2020 editions for that are available for download on our clinical resources page.

The Prior Authorization and High Dollar Rejections Guide is designed to help claims professionals understand rejected medications and potential alternatives for injured workers. The Brand to Generic Guide is an overview to the most commonly prescribed medications in workers’ compensation cases. This reference guide lists the brand name of the drug as well as any generic equivalents that are currently available. Since medications are constantly being introduced to market and discontinued, we try to provide updates for these guides on a regular basis.