Our Commitment During COVID-19

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A Message from myMatrixx President, Mike Cirillo


myMatrixx works hard, every day, to be your trusted partner for better workers’ compensation PBM support. That means bringing innovative solutions to your problems, identifying opportunities to improve the health and well-being of your injured workers, and anticipating issues and helping you prepare for the unexpected.

Those qualities, and our commitment to you, have never been more important.

This pandemic has caused dramatic changes in our daily lives that will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future.

But as leaders in the workers’ compensation space, it is our job to take care of the thousands of people who are counting on us. I feel the weight of that, and I’m sure you do too.

I know communication and information sharing is critical right now and you have my commitment to share updates as our COVID-19 response evolves.

Here is the latest information on two of our larger initiatives:

Drug Therapy Review and Monitoring Program

In response to the unique challenges created by this crisis, the myMatrixx clinical team has expanded our services to offer drug therapy reviews and monitoring for injured workers affected by COVID-19. This program is designed to enhance the quality of care and ensure patients have access to safe and appropriate drug therapy to treat the infection.

Here’s Our Commitment to You

  • The clinical pharmacist will review COVID-19 medication therapy for drug interactions, contradictions and consult on appropriateness of the medications to treat the symptoms based on up-to-date clinical guidelines.
  • Additionally, our clinical pharmacist will perform prescriber outreach to collaborate relative to medication therapy throughout the course of the infection.
  • The clinical pharmacist will also continue monitoring the claim until the patient has fully recovered.

We urge all customers to take advantage of this program. Through it, our dedicated myMatrixx clinical team is confident we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to quality Pharmacy Benefit Management and patient advocacy for the injured worker.

Ready to Serve

There is no greater priority than the health and well-being of our customers and our employees, and we are taking many actions to protect our workforce so that they can continue serving you and your injured workers in need of care.

Our well-established emergency preparedness program is in effect and is helping us maintain normal business operations. We are assessing our future needs, community-by-community, and taking the necessary steps and reinforcements to ensure the integrity and security of our telecom capabilities and network.

We’ve Also Taken the Following Actions for Our Employees

  • Rewarding employees who must continue to work onsite during this challenging time with premium compensation and additional assistance.
  • Mandating that all employees with the capability to work from home to do so to create social distance in our offices, while continuing to protect our clients’ data.
  • Providing extensive resources and tools for our colleagues to help effectively manage feelings of fear, anxiety and stress.
  • Providing 10 days (80 hours) of emergency paid time off for colleagues for COVID-19 related absences through June 30, 2021.

We take seriously the responsibility to lead in a time like this, and to bring peace of mind to the people we serve. We are prepared to care for injured workers’ during this unprecedented time, and our teams are working relentlessly to stay ahead in the response to this epidemic.

I will leave you with this. We recognize COVID-19 has changed the way we all work. I want you to know, we remain focused on you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Customized service is our specialty. It’s who we are.