New York Extends Formulary Compliance Date for Refill Medications

Posted on by myMatrixx
Prescription pad

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board has announced that it will be extending the date for refill compliance with the formulary beyond January 1, 2021. A new date, which is likely to be in spring 2021, will be announced soon.

In 2017, legislation was signed requiring the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to establish a drug formulary. These formulary regulations were adopted in May 2019 and required new prescriptions to comply with the formulary by December 5, 2019. Refill prescriptions were not required to comply until June 5, 2020.

However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the board later moved the date for refill compliance to January 1, 2021. As this is the final step in formulary implementation, the board has decided to take additional time to ensure that the formulary and authorization process are effective for all stakeholders. Between now and the new date, the board will address feedback from payers and providers, make system and process improvements, and continue outreach and education to key users.

In the meantime, the Board Medical Director’s Office is accessible at Additionally, please reach out to myMatrixx with any questions or concerns, whether through your Clinical Account Executive, any other member of your account team, or