myMatrixx President Quoted on the Advantages of a Career in Insurance

Posted on by myMatrixx

In a recent feature for Risk & Insurance Magazine, myMatrixx President, Mike Cirillo, spoke about the surprising ways that a career in risk management and insurance can help young professionals find meaning in their work. Insurance companies help people in disasters and crises begin the recovery process, Cirillo says, so insurance professionals play a key role in their return to stability. Cirillo was featured prominently along with other top leaders in the industry.

The article, titled “10 Reasons Why Insurance and Risk Management Is a Great Career,” outlines the wide array of opportunities and benefits this field offers young professionals entering the workforce. Cirillo also covers the ways the insurance sector can teach problem-solving skills. As an example, he highlights myMatrixx pharmacists and the day-to-day challenges they face in managing the current opioid crisis. While the obstacles encountered by these professionals are significant, the outcomes can have a legitimately life-saving effect for the people involved.

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