myMatrixx Experts Featured in Industry Publications After Release of 2020 Drug Trend Report

Posted on by myMatrixx

In articles for industry publications WCI Weekly and, myMatrixx experts highlighted some of the key takeaways from the newly released 2020 Drug Trend Report. This annual report provides an in-depth analysis of pharmaceutical data in the workers’ compensation sector.

In a post for WCI Weekly, myMatrixx Chief Clinical Officer Phil Walls was joined by Evernorth’s Rochelle Henderson to explore topics that included an important new trend dubbed the “COVID distortion effect.” Due to the reduction in lower-utilization new workers’ compensation claims caused by the pandemic last year, the myMatrixx clinical team identified how this led to the appearance of higher utilization and spend per-patient. Both leaders shared insight on how identifying this effect was critical for proper interpretation of workers’ compensation drug data in a very turbulent year.

In the piece, Walls is joined by myMatrixx Clinical Pharmacist Brian Williams. Along with further elaboration on the COVID distortion effect, the two pharmacists also talked about the growing role of behavioral health in workers’ compensation. Both stressed that properly managing the psychological needs of injured workers, including prescriptions for psychotropic drugs, will play a critical role in ensuring positive outcomes.

The Drug Trend Report was also highlighted in another recent article for covering the major topics of the report and key figures, including a 4.9 percent decrease in overall utilization and 2.6 percent decrease in cost per days’ supply.

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