myMatrixx Executives Discuss Using Data to Be More Proactive in the PBM Space

Posted on by myMatrixx
BI and Clinical

A recent article in Risk & Insurance Magazine, the first of two, quotes Phil Walls, myMatrixx Chief Clinical Officer, and Cliff Belliveau, Vice President of Business Intelligence, as they discuss our exciting new myRXAdvocateSM Program. The piece focuses on the traditionally reactive nature of the pharmacy benefits management sector, particularly in workers’ compensation, and how the right combination of clinical and data expertise can help foster a more proactive environment.

The two leaders break down myMatrixx’s history in this pursuit, including the Get Ahead of the Claim initiative and our data analytics platform, the Clinical Analytics Results Engine (CARE). With these and other efforts, they share how myMatrixx has now been able to launch a comprehensive suite of clinical and data analytics tools in the form of myRXAdvocate.

You can read the full article here.