myMatrixx Drug Trend Report Featured in Article on Rising Workers’ Comp Drug Costs

Posted on by myMatrixx

The 2018 Workers’ Compensation Drug Trend Report, released by myMatrixx earlier this year, was heavily referenced in a recent article for the Amaxx Work Comp Resource Center. The piece, which discusses the growing concern over rising costs for specialty and name-brand drugs, offers insight for stakeholders trying to keep drug costs down. In particular, the advice was to use lower-cost generic drugs whenever possible and utilize clear communication and controls to avoid unnecessary prescriptions and misuse.

The article quotes the myMatrixx report in several instances, including a demonstration of the price disparity between name-brands and generics, as well as figures showing the high costs of certain specialty drugs. The conclusion of the piece mirrored the same overall goals of the Drug Trend Report — namely, to ensure injured workers get the medication they need while avoiding exorbitant expenditure on the part of stakeholders.