More Insights from myMatrixx President on Cost Transparency

Posted on by myMatrixx
Mike Cirillo Headshot

Picking up where he left off last week, myMatrixx President, Mike Cirillo, took a deeper dive into pharmacy benefits management pricing models in the second part of his “Leaders Speak” feature. In the Work Comp Wire article, Cirillo breaks down the difference between spread pricing models and transparency pricing models. He says that having an awareness of how these different systems work can help clients make better PBM decisions.

With spread pricing, including the model used by myMatrixx, PBMs assume the risk of negotiating prices in order to deliver consistency to clients. In contrast, a transparent pricing model typically passes through pharmacy charges and rebates to clients. However, this can sometimes deliver an inconsistent pricing scheme as well as added administrative fees. In summary, Cirillo recommends considering the total value package that a PBM can bring, including patient safety and cost control measures. You can read the full article here.