Mike Cirillo Talks Cost Transparency with Work Comp Wire

Posted on by myMatrixx
Mike Cirillo Headshot

myMatrixx President, Mike Cirillo, shared his thoughts and insights on the topic of value in pharmacy management in a recent profile with industry news site, Work Comp Wire. The article is part of the publication’s recurring “Leaders Speak” series, giving a forum for industry leaders to share their expertise. In the piece, he shares key values that any client should look for in a pharmacy benefits management partner. These include patient safety, network size, operational expertise, analytics and cost controls.

He stresses that while it’s easy for a startup or other organization to promise things like cost transparency and lower rates, these promises need to be examined in a broader context. Saving money and getting transparent cost information may not help a company if the pharmacy benefits manager can’t meet these other essential goals. You can read the full article here.