Earned Trust - When Actions Meet Words: Leaders Speak Part 2 with Paul King

Posted on by myMatrixx
Chief Client Officer of myMatrixx, an Express Scripts Company, Paul King

Paul King, Chief Client Officer for myMatrixx, was recently featured in the second of two parts for WorkCompWire’s Leaders Speak series. In his entry for “The Power of Trust,” Paul focuses on the need for workers’ compensation PBMs to deliver on their promises to build long-term relationships. In last week’s part one, Chief Sales Officer David Dubrof laid the foundation by discussing the importance of authentic trust in new business relationships.

In Paul’s article, he shows that key ways that PBMs can build trust over the long haul include consistently executing fundamentals such as clinical oversight, regulatory compliance, and cost savings through generic efficiency. He also explores the advantage of working with a PBM that has the dependability and resources to manage unexpected events, with the COVID-19 pandemic being a recent and clear example. Overall, King believes that from an account management perspective, trustworthy words and actions will shine through if people on a team are able to consistently achieve what they actually promise.