On-Demand Webinar — How Advanced Automation and Decision Intelligence Can Transform Workflows in Workers' Comp

Posted on by myMatrixx

Like so many roles, claims professionals report being more overloaded and stressed than ever. Labor shortages, a global pandemic, an aging population and a turbulent economy have all created a perfect storm of challenges for the front lines of the workers’ compensation and risk management industries.

In workers’ compensation pharmacy, automating prior authorizations is just one powerful example of how innovations, including predictive analytics and decision intelligence, can transform a notorious pain point and free up the workforce to focus on patient engagement and better outcomes.

In this one-hour Risk & Insurance webinar, Mike Cirillo, President of myMatrixx, will discuss how automation can improve/streamline workflow. Mike will be joined by Paul King, Chief Client Officer and Cliff Belliveau, Chief Innovation Officer, who will cover the issues created by the “Great Resignation” while also dispelling any fear, uncertainty and doubt that many professionals feel, especially those who may be hesitant to change – specifically where technology and innovation is concerned.