Cliff Belliveau And Melissa Dunn To Speak At The 2019 CLM Workers’ Compensation Conference

Posted on by myMatrixx

Cliff Belliveau, Vice President of Business Intelligence (BI) for myMatrixx, and Melissa Dunn, Senior Vice President of Sales for myMatrixx, are scheduled to speak at the 2019 CLM Workers Compensation Conference in Chicago, on Wednesday, May 22nd.

With more than 20 years of experience in the technology field working with system architecture, data integration and building high-performance teams, Cliff’s session, “Workers’ Comp in the Age of Technology”, will focus on how employees and employers are using technology in unprecedented ways. The presentation will include an overview of legal and medical breakthroughs along with challenges and strategic management of technological utilization in workers’ compensation claims. It will also focus on how technology is used to monitor employee performance and safety, enhance post-injury care, and create additional opportunities for employees to return to work.

With over 28 years of industry experience in claims, insurance and third-party administration, Melissa’s session, “Caring for the Total Worker”, will discuss the most effective model of care, which incorporates injured worker and physician engagement, consistent use of evidence-based medical guidelines, and multidisciplinary treatment managed by diagnosis clarification, coordinated care and informed monitoring interventions.

The conference, which begins May 21st and ends May 23rd, is a fully reinvented event that offers unprecedented knowledge access to leaders in the Workers’ Compensation profession.