2024 Louisiana Legislature Pushes Higher Drug Costs

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MyMatrixx PharmaWatch Louisiana Legislature Pushes Higher Drug Costs

Providing high-quality and cost-effective workers’ compensation pharmaceutical coverage has always been a goal of MyMatrixx by Evernorth. Unfortunately, Louisiana Senate Bill 444, if enacted, will make that more difficult. Currently under review by the governor, this legislation will negatively impact how we provide pharmacy benefits to injured workers in Louisiana.

Under the bill, pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), or persons acting on behalf of a PBM, cannot reimburse a qualifying Louisiana pharmacy or pharmacist an amount less than their acquisition cost for a covered drug, device, or service1 . As a result, pharmacies and their Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO) would no longer be incentivized to shop for best price. The bill will ensure they receive full reimbursement, even when they purchase a drug above market price. By removing the incentive to demand lower prices, client costs will increase.

If your company is impacted by this legislation, consider contacting the Governor’s office via email or by phone # 844-860-1413 to request a veto. If you have questions regarding this process, contact MyMatrixx's Account team for assistance.

Learn more about legislation impacting workers’ compensation pharmacy across the country on MyMatrixx’s Statehouse Watch page.

  • 1The bill provides a narrow exception in the case of pharmacies and pharmacists who own 5-percent or more of a pharmaceutical wholesale group purchasing organization or vendor for the given drug, device, or service