Business Analytics Solutions

At myMatrixx, our advanced technology and business analytics enable us to provide meaningful, actionable data to all stakeholders including patients, claims handlers, managed care partners, and clinicians. Through the use of interactive dashboards and advanced analytics, our team of business intelligence professionals provides timely insights into key metrics that drive appropriate medication therapy management, utilization, savings, and network penetration.


Doing the Right Thing for the Patient

One of our principle core values is to innovate constantly. We continually focus our efforts on improving the information and reports we make available to our clients. Proprietary algorithms stratify and analyze millions of data points to predict what is happening with a patient and to identify outliers. This allows our clinical team to ask the right questions about that data and provide relevant actionable information to our clients — ultimately working together to make recommendations for changes to a patient’s medication therapy to reduce risk and control costs.


Standard & Custom Reporting

myMatrixx provides more than 150 standard report options. We have the ability to surface a wide range of key metrics such as savings, formulary utilization, generic efficiency/utilization, physician performance, high-risk patients, geography and more. We can also provide these metrics at each level within a customer’s organization, such as client, branch, and claims handlers, in any format along with custom, interactive electronic dashboards.


Visibility Into Key Metrics

  • Network penetration
  • Formulary utilization
  • High-risk patients
  • Cost
  • Savings
  • Utilization
  • Patient outcomes
  • Physician performance
  • Generic performance
  • Geography