Elijah Marentette Continues Price Transparency Discussion for Work Comp Wire

In a second Work Comp Wire article, Senior Vice President of Account Management Elijah Marentette emphasizes clinical support, technical integration and network relationships in price transparency.

Senior Vice President of Account Management for myMatrixx, Elijah Marentette, was recently published in the Leaders Speak series for industry publication Work Comp Wire. The piece, “PBM Price Transparency – Putting the “M” in PBM”, picks up from last week’s article featuring Chief Sales Officer David Dubrof. He explains throughout that the idea of using transparent pricing models is not as innovative as some newer entrants to the marketplace would make it appear. 

Elijah emphasizes that established PBMs like myMatrixx are extremely clear about disclosing to clients exactly what they are paying for and the services they are receiving. The piece further elaborates that a larger PBM like myMatrixx is able to deliver clinical and technological support as well as a higher level of service compared to these less established PBMs. According to Elijah, true transparency comes from being able to tangibly measure results and demonstrate value, which requires the resources, infrastructure and industry relationships of an established organization.


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