Buyer Beware!

by Michael Nguyen, PharmD, CPh, Director of Clinical Services
Phil Walls, RPh, Chief Clinical Officer

PatchWerx Alert

If you haven’t heard of PatchWerx yet, please be on the alert for the following products from this manufacturer:
NDC Long Name

In this age of life-saving specialty drugs that cost upwards of $1000 a day, one might think that PatchWerx Labs falls into this category of specialty drug manufacturers.  However, that is not the case!

save money on medsDermasilk and Cost-effective Alternatives

Examination of the DermasilkRx Pak Diclopak reveals that this “kit” with a $3600 price tag contains nothing more than a 60-count repackaged bottle of diclofenac and an 8-ounce bottle of capsaicin 0.025%.  Diclofenic is a generic version of Voltaren that has been available for well over a decade and has AWP values less than one dollar per pill—and the capsaicin is basically OTC Zostrix!

DermasilkRx Kit SDS Pak is equally egregious in its price tag of over $5000:  it is a silicone strip that contains triamcinolone and dimethicone – not significantly different from OTC Scaraway®.

question-markWhat action should you take?

• myMatrixx will treat these products as non-formulary in order to alert the adjuster; HOWEVER,

• These products will likely be direct paper billed by the physician, so alert your bill review company.

• Ask the prescriber for a letter of medical necessity that specifically addresses why the alternatives mentioned above cannot be used


• Engage one of the clinical pharmacists at myMatrixx to conduct a One Drug Review.