Joe McCullison

As Senior Vice President of Strategic Account Management, Joe McCullison aims to engender client trust. His strategic account executive team is dedicated to managing day-to-day client interactions and enhancing the overall business relationship. He focuses on analyzing data and trends in order to make consultative recommendations to clients that help eliminate waste while meeting their coverage goals.

Since joining myMatrixx in January 2000, an Express Scripts company, Joe has made client satisfaction his top priority. He pushes his team to deliver results while helping develop their potential.

As a member of the myMatrixx team, Joe previously held leadership roles in Sales and Account Management. Throughout his tenure, he has always focused on supporting clients and providing them with the tools and information they need to make the best decisions for their organizations and their workers.

Joe has a BA in Marketing from the University of Missouri St. Louis and a Master’s in Business Administration from Lindenwood University. He is an avid sports fan who roots for the St. Louis Cardinals and the LSU Tigers. When out of the office, Joe finds yardwork calming and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters.