Hollie Lamboy

Hollie Lamboy, Senior Vice President of Product Development,  serves myMatrixx clients by addressing their needs through innovative product development solutions. By helping alleviate pain points, her team ensures our clients have the right tools and solutions in place to support their injured workers. Her commitment to our clients s has led to many successful implementations across a variety of product solutions that address the current workers’ compensation climate but which also aim to meet future needs.

Before joining myMatrixx, an Express Scripts company, Hollie led operations at a pharmacy benefit management company. Her experience has positively shaped how she views both clients’ and workers’ needs and provided rare insight into the industry.

Hollie has a B.A. from Jacksonville State University in Alabama. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her family. Away from work, Hollie is a dedicated mom who volunteers with and supports organizations for children born with congenital heart defects and autism.