Clinical Management for Workers’ Compensation Programs

At myMatrixx, we practice proactive clinical management with the goal of preventing avoidable medical expenses, reducing pharmacy costs and improving outcomes for injured workers. We call this approach “Get Ahead of the Claim™,” a program in which our clinical team targets specific areas of concern including misuse, abuse and fraud. All of our clinical programs are integrated into our robust web portal myMatrixx 360° providing complete visibility throughout the process.

Get Ahead of the Claim™ – Proactive Clinical Management for Workers’ Compensation Programs

myMatrixx has maintained a clinical focus since inception and we base our solutions on “doing the right thing” for the client and the patient. Our approach yields proven results including an industry leading generic efficiency rating and lower opioid utilization across our client base.

Our clinical approach includes:

  • Early identification with proven tools such as myRisk Predictor®
  • Customizable triggers for areas of concern
  • Alerts sent to client and physician with Alert, Review and Manage (ARM)®
  • Customized formulary
  • Cost saving opportunities with a One Drug Review
  • Constant communication between myMatrixx and client
  • Targeted intervention with physicians


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