A Look Inside An Opioid Drug Treatment Case

In workers’ compensation, it is commonplace for Pharmacy Benefit Management companies (PBM’s) to inherit catastrophic cases. This study tells of one such claim that myMatrixx faced. Drug therapy costs had reached alarming heights and the claim was in urgent need of intervention. myMatrixx’s Clinical Team approached it with the goal of mitigating risks for both the patient and the insurer. The study titled Unmanageable or Simply Unmanaged? A Look Inside An Opioid Drug Treatment Case” reviews a clinical intervention with a case including multiple opioids totaling over $27,000 a month. The case was brought to myMatrixx by Safety National who was concerned about the cost of this regimen as well as health risks for the injured worker. The outcome delivered a savings of over $250,000 per year for the claim.

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