Phil Walls Leads CompPharma’s Newest Research Paper

Tampa, FL, May 22, 2017 – A research team of CompPharma-affiliated pharmacists and public affairs professionals led by Phil Walls, myMatrixx Chief Clinical Officer, worked together to examine and evaluate the role of compounds in workers’ compensation including patient safety, efficacy, quality, and cost issues. “Compounds in Comp: A New Look at Patient Safety, Efficacy & Cost” is the second research paper published by CompPharma on this topic.

One of the authors’ goals is to educate the industry so that employers and others involved in the care of injured workers such as providers, payers, and policy makers, may take steps to address inappropriate compounding, a far-too common practice that risks patient safety and drives costs in the workers’ compensation system.

“The risks associated with the ingredients in some topical compounds far exceeds any potential benefit,” said Phil Walls. “When that risk is combined with the egregious costs associated with some of these drugs, it should make any prescriber question their use.  However, if that’s not enough, consider the fact that there have been deaths associated with the use of certain compounds.  Even topical compounds can be dangerous.”

Download the paper here.