Dr. Alan Rook Shares Patient Success Story at KSIA

At the Kansas Self-Insurers Association (KSIA) Conference in Wichita, Kansas, myMatrixx Clinical Pharmacist Alan Rook joined John Carpie, Partner, Thomas McGee, L.C., and Amy Barefield, RN, CCM, Nurse Liaison, QLI, for a panel discussion about a recent success story involving a cattle wrangler. Dr. Rook, along with the other members of the panel, shared a case study with conference members about a cowboy who was severely injured on the job. His injury required 7 surgeries and difficulty with pain management that resulted in the patient to taking 11 medications.

Through the combined efforts from myMatrixx, Thomas McGee and QLI, the injured worker is now taking only one medication and is “Back in the Saddle.”

“This is one example of the positive results we work toward every day on behalf of injured workers, and it was nice to share this a success story with conference members at KSIA,” said Dr. Rook. “It was a total collaborative effort with multiple vendors with the goal of helping the patient.”